Grunt Work & Drop Offs

I have outdone myself and built 11 frames in less than 16 hours, and I am not quite sure I want to relive that experience again. Today I had two drop offs, one out in Excelsior at Golden Rule Collective for a photo shoot tomorrow, and one in South Minneapolis at Covet Design to house and sell some of my larger pieces. 

When I graduated college a year ago now, I was terrified of getting stuck in a routine and not creatively challenging myself.  Since music was no longer my forte (pun intended), I challenged myself to start painting and designing more regularly to give my creativity a workout. Never would I have imagined (yet always dreamed) that my work would start selling this quickly, and that this knack of mine could turn into some form of a career. 

Growing up, they always said to choose to pursue what you love and you'll never work a day again in your life. I chose music and subsequently stopped loving it, and everyday since that moment seemed like work. Now that I've shifted to painting and design, I feel like a kid again. Hopeful and giddy about work. Excited to "grow up".

Capping off a day of framing and delivering, I'm happy to say that even the grunt work is still fun.

Emily Quandahl