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about emily

Emily Quandahl is an abstract artist with a multidisciplinary background, creating in Minneapolis. Growing up in southern Minnesota, her life was immersed in the arts from an early age. With over 12 years devoted to the study of classical viola, including her formal education in South Carolina, Emily uses the art of practice to heavily influence and inspire her work.  Primarily self taught, she uses the repetition of practice and layering to influence her progression as an artist.

About her work

Her work highlights the juxtaposition between layers of diluted free-flowing forms and opaque geometric shapes on canvases ranging of all sizes. Heavily influenced by the art of practice due to her musical background, each layer of the materials shows the growth and understanding between the artist and mediums being used. Manipulating where the paint will flow, yet letting it do what it naturally wants.

 2nd Truth Photography

2nd Truth Photography

Curriculum Vitae


  •  2016, BM, University of South Carolina, Bachelor of Music Performance, concentration viola

Solo Exhibitions - 2018: 

  • The Coven: Featured Artist, Present
  • Xavi Restraunt: Featured Artist, Present
  • Norseman Distillery: Presents Emily Quandahl
  • Covet Consign: Presents Emily Quandahl 

Group Selected Exhibitions - 2017:

  • Norseman Distillery, Winter Group Showcase
  • Norseman Distillery, Summer Group Showcase


  • Manduka, Artist Series: Emily Quandahl - Designed a mat for their new eQua 4mm hot yoga mat line.
  • Modern Well Co., Featured Artist in Showroom
  • The Bird Restaurant, Minneapolis - Painting featured in wedding venue campaign.